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How Do You Define & Improve Overall Health?

ProActive Physical Therapy
May 20, 2021

Physical health is the most common measure of a person’s health and the metrics of physical health...

Top Three Reasons To Love Physical Therapy

ProActive Physical Therapy
May 17, 2021

Whether you’re new to physical therapy or you’re about to finish up your time at ProActive Physi...

7 Tips: How to Start an Exercise Program the Right Way

Jason Sweet
May 11, 2021

CrossFit, yoga, pilates, weight-lifting, running, biking, kickboxing, playing sports, and a multitud...

When To Use Ice or Heat For Treating an Injury

ProActive Physical Therapy
April 26, 2021

When sprains, muscle strains, inflammation, and general pain come at you, knowing exactly when to us...

10 Things A Patient In Physical Therapy Should Know

Jason Sweet
April 19, 2021

by Jason Sweet PT, DPT As a Clinic Director and licensed physical therapist, there are a few things ...

Should You See A Certified Hand Therapist?

Mike Lee
April 13, 2021

There are specialists almost everywhere you look, ranging from car audio specialists, window repair ...

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