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Helping Your Family Eat Healthy While on Summer Vacation

ProActive Physical Therapy
July 16, 2021

Summer vacations are still in the making for many of us here in Tucson. Whether you’re traveling b...

5 Tips to Get Road Trip Ready

ProActive Physical Therapy
June 14, 2021

Summer means road trips! It’s the season to pack up the car and hit the road to explore new destin...

Hydration Station for Youth Athletes

Chris Murphy
June 12, 2021

With sports practices gearing up, it can lead to many youth athletes becoming dehydrated. Chris Murp...

Celebrating National Hand Therapy Week in Tucson

ProActive Physical Therapy
June 7, 2021

It’s National Hand Therapy Week, making it the perfect time to highlight our Tucson hand therapy C...

Getting ProActive About Hand Arthritis

Mike Lee
June 5, 2021

by Mike Lee, PT, DPT, CHT As a Certified Hand Therapist, I often hear “I have been told I have ar...

Is My Phone Bad for My Hands?

Mike Lee
June 2, 2021

Cell phones are just about everywhere these days.  Walk into a waiting room or stroll through the a...

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