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Nutrition Tips for People with Multiple Sclerosis

Lee Holland
March 10, 2020

Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is an immune-mediated process where the body’s immune system behaves abnor...

Staying Healthy this Baseball and Softball Season

Brian Zukowski
March 3, 2020

As the smell of fresh cut grass hits the air and infields are meticulously drug, it can only mean on...

Be Your Own Valentine!

Leslie Drawdy
February 13, 2020

For many people, self-care is the last priority on an ever-growing to-do list. It would be nice to h...

Post-Concussion Syndrome and Physical Therapy

Leslie Drawdy
February 6, 2020

While many people who suffer from a concussion recover fully without physical therapy treatment, som...

Quick Exercises to Help Your Upper Back Pain

ProActive Physical Therapy
November 22, 2019

Upper back pain, also known as thoracic pain, is a problem many people experience. Individuals work ...

Benefits Of Physical Therapy Before Surgery

ProActive Physical Therapy
August 15, 2019

When searching for a solution to overcome an injury or chronic pain, surgery should be only consider...