Top 5 Hiking Trails in Tucson

Mar 18, 2023

ProActive Physical Therapy

by ProActive Physical Therapy

We asked our clinicians, “What are the best hiking trails in Tucson?” Tucson is nestled in the Sonoran Desert and offers diverse trails for everyone, so lace-up those hiking shoes and get out on the trail!

Seven Falls Trail.

Seven Falls at Sabino Canyon | Source: AllTrails/Tayler Clark

1. Seven Falls at Sabino Canyon

Sabino Canyon offers 15 great trails, but Seven Falls is one of Tucson’s most popular and strenuous hikes. This trail has several river crossings that add to the fun and adventure of the 8-hour, 17.5-mile hike. Many find the payoff worth it, as watching the falls is peaceful and enjoyable.

Seven Falls – Trail Details

Tucson hiking trail: The Window at Ventana Canyon

The Window at Ventana Canyon | Source:AllTrails/Kaori Hashimoto

2. The Window at Ventana Canyon

If you’re up for a challenge, this 14.5-mile Tucson hike is for you. With steep switchbacks, this trail should only be made if you’ve been hiking or exercising regularly. Once you reach “The Window,” a large opening atop the Santa Catalina Mountains, you’ll see why this trail is on many people’s bucket lists.

The Window – Trail Details

Tucson hiking trail: Wasson Peak Trail

Wasson Peak | Source: AllTrails/Jonh Green III

3. Wasson Peak

With a lower elevation, this trail is usually not ideal during the warm summer. Spring and fall are the best times to try this hike. During this 7.9-mile trail, you’ll be among many saguaros, so bring your camera to capture the Sonoran Desert. You can view incredible city views and look south over the Tucson mountain range.

Wasson Peak – Trail Details

Tucson hiking trail: Tumamoc Hill Path.

Tumamoc Hill | Source: AllTrails/Tacheena Coicou

4. Tumamoc Hill

Tumamoc Hill is a moderate-level, short hike that’s great for those new to hiking or if you want to include more exercise into your lifestyle. Additionally, the paved road makes this trail ideal and safe for a night hike. As you quickly gain elevation, turn around and enjoy the beautiful view of the entire Tuscon area.

Tumamoc Hill – Details

Tucson hiking trail: Redington Pass at Coronado National Forest Trail.

Redington Pass at Coronado National Forest | Source: AllTrails/Will Combs

5. Redington Pass at Coronado National Forest

Redington Pass is unpaved between the Santa Catalina Mountains and the Rincons in northeast Pima County, Arizona. Many Tucsonans recall it as the dirt road to the Tanque Verde Falls. Redington Pass offers majestic beauty for hikers, hunters, and off-roaders as it offers views overlooking the east side of Tucson, spread out across the Sonoran Desert floor below.

Redington Pass – Details

If you’re easing back into hiking or exercise after an injury, remember to rest when necessary and listen to your body. Injuries, or even re-injuries, tend to occur when people are tired. And if aches and pains are keeping you from enjoying the best of Tucson hiking, contact us to schedule a FREE injury assessment. We can work with you to get you back on the trails pain-free. Spring and fall are one of the most beautiful times of the year in Tucson, and we don’t want you to miss out.


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