Hands-On Physical Therapy That Gets Results

Mar 1, 2021

ProActive Physical Therapy

by ProActive Physical Therapy

As providers of physical therapy in Tucson for over 20 years, we’ve had the opportunity to impact the lives of thousands of patients with our “Hands-On” approach to our day-to-day commitment to improving the lives of our patients. At ProActive Physical Therapy, we work with our patients to create a hands-on approach that’s unique to each situation to ensure the best possible outcomes. Overall, our goal is to improve movement, maximize function and return you the activities you enjoy most—whether it be competing in sports, hiking the trails in Tucson, or simply enjoying retirement. When it comes to our patient’s physical health and pain-free mobility, a full recovery is our focus and our target. A ProActive therapist will always take a hands-on approach to your pain and your full recovery. We don’t believe a good enough recovery is good enough, our goal is to do everything we can to help you get your full, healthy life back, and that’s our Full Recovery Focus.

Human touch brings benefits beyond what the technical skills accomplish.

It turns out that what we inherently knew to be beneficial was even more than we thought. Touch has been known to decrease blood pressure, increase dopamine production, decrease anxiety and improve immune response. All things that could lead to better healing and recovery.

As Physical Therapists, our hands are used for many things. We gather the information that helps us identify the condition or diagnosis. We render a treatment to remedy that diagnosis. But we also form a bond that allows the patient to heal better. By building that bond we allow the patient to tap into their own natural mechanisms to heal.

We also know that infants who are deprived of touch fail to thrive. This is compared to their counterparts who receive regular touch especially from their parents, but also hospital staff.

These facts are now in direct competition from the reality of the world we now live in.

Humans are less likely now to have a physical connection than in years past. With social media and online connections, we are not as likely to engage with others in the same way we used to. In healthcare, we are more pressed for time due to decreasing reimbursement rates and rising costs. The time we get with patients is becoming less and less. We try to maximize what we need to do for the patient by prioritizing what we do. Unfortunately, one-on-one contact is lost easily and the touch that is needed is replaced with something deemed more important.

By taking a hands-on approach to healing we are committed to spending the time with the patients and promise to not neglect the touch aspect that helps us build that bond. As well, tap into the needed physical responses to help the patient. “Hands-on therapy that gets results” is more than a slogan and it is the reason that we do get the results we get. It is a commitment to the patient that we will take the time to deliver the care that is needed, even in a world environment that is moving away from the touch that heals.

At ProActive Physical Therapy, we provide hands-on physical therapy that will positively impact the lives of our patients.  Whether you have suffered a sports injury, injured at work, hurt in an auto accident, or are experiencing pain and discomfort our physical therapists will work with you to ease your transition towards recovery.

If you’re looking for a cost-effective option that could be an alternative to pain medication or even surgery, we recommend setting up a FREE injury assessment where you can meet with a licensed physical therapist and learn about what physical therapy services might be best for you. Simply fill out our online request form and our team will be in contact to set up an appointment at one of our physical therapy clinics within Tucson.

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