Telehealth Physical Therapy

1:1 Virtual Physical Therapy Treatment

Busy schedule? Acute injury? Recently gave birth? At ProActive, we understand there may be times when you can’t travel to a clinic. Telehealth physical therapy allows you to consult with a physical therapist whether it’s to get advice on next steps to take, or get better through our personalized home program. We remain committed to serving your health care needs.

How to Get Started with Telehealth Physical Therapy

Not all clinics offer Telehealth, call for locations and scheduling P (520) 747-9225

Step 1

Request an Appointment

Call or fill out our appointment form to schedule a virtual appointment. We will contact you to discuss if a virtual evaluation is the right option.

Step 2

Confirm Information & Appointment

Once we verify your information, we’ll schedule your first secure video session with your therapist.

Begin Telehealth Physical Therapy

You’ll receive an email & text confirmation of your first video session with the following information:

  • Appointment time and login details
  • Therapist name and contact information
  • Recommended equipment

If you have any technical issues when you first try to log in, please contact your clinic by phone.

Prepare for Your Telehealth Appointment

A woman stretching on the carpet in front of her laptop.

Ready to get started? Here’s what you’ll need:

  • A computer, tablet, or mobile phone with a working camera and microphone.
  • A dependable, steady internet connection.
  • Comfortable clothing that you can easily move around in
  • Plenty of space for exercise
  • Any exercise equipment recommended by your therapist

You will not need to download any apps or telehealth technology. Our service is provided through a virtual platform with no app required.

What to Expect at Your First Virtual Appointment

Commonly Asked Questions

Will insurance cover my online visit?

We accept most major insurance providers. Give us a call at (520) 747-9225 and we will verify insurance for you. We strive to make this service available and affordable for anyone who needs it.


What is a telehealth physical therapy session?

An online physical therapy session that allows you to have interaction with a therapist anywhere. You still receive 1:1 care with a therapist along with guidance and feedback for your individualized therapy treatment.


How long will my appointment last?

On average, appointments last anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour.


Are telehealth sessions secure?

Yes, they’re secure and HIPAA compliant.


How do I join the video call with my physical therapist?

When the appointment is created you will receive an email reminder with a link to join the session. Please do not delete the email reminder. If you do, call your clinic to get a new link sent to you. If you are having difficulty locating the email, please check your spam/junk folder in your email.