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Pre-Appointment Questions

Do I need a prescription from my doctor?

No. Arizona became a direct access state in 2003, eliminating the need for a physician prescription for therapy. Many patients chose a physical therapist to evaluate their musculoskeletal injury first.

We are a partner in your care and recognize there are certain medical conditions beyond our scope of expertise. We will work with your physician directly or refer you to the appropriate specialist should physical therapy treatment not be appropriate.

Some private insurance plans still require a physician prescription so we will work with you to determine the necessary next steps. Medicare and Workers’ Compensation both require a physician prescription.


What is unique about ProActive?

At ProActive Physical Therapy, we put our patient’s needs first. Whether you are just starting physical therapy, successfully completing your physical therapy treatment, or having a question regarding your home exercise program, we are always available to our patients to have the best experience possible. We work with our patients to create a hands-on approach unique to each situation to ensure the best possible outcomes. Overall, our goal is to improve movement, maximize function and return you the activities you enjoy most—whether it be competing in sports, hiking the trails in Tucson, or simply enjoying retirement.

How quickly can i get an appointment?

Typically, appointments are scheduled within 24-48 hours. Sometimes we can schedule you for an appointment as quickly as the same day. However, our goal is to connect you with the right therapist, at the best time, and at the most convenient location.

Appointment Questions

What should I wear?

We advise wearing loose-fitting, comfortable clothing. If you have a lower extremity injury, bring or wear shorts.


How many visits in therapy do I need?

It depends. Your therapist will work with you following your evaluation to best outline a plan specific to your condition. Every condition or surgery is different; therefore, it’s often dependent on multiple factors.


How early should I arrive for my first appointment?

We ask all new patients to arrive approximately 15-20 minutes early for their first appointment to complete intake paperwork. We make every attempt to be as flexible as possible for all of our patients but being on time is important. We will do our best to stay on time as well.


What should I bring?

You’ll need to bring a photo ID, your insurance card, a prescription for therapy from your doctor (if applicable), and your completed forms/paperwork from our website. Oh, and don’t forget a smile!

How long will my appointment take?

Generally speaking, your first appointment will last approximately an hour. Follow-up visit length will depend on various factors including the severity of your injury, your functional goals, and your treatment plan. Whether 30 minutes or 2 hours, our effort is directed at a treatment program specific to you and your needs. Your appointments aren’t limited to a 30-minute slot like many other providers in the area.


How far out should I schedule?

Depending on your discussions with your treating therapist and your condition, we recommend scheduling follow-up visits at least 2-3 weeks in advance. This reserves your time slot on the schedule and ensures that you remain with your physical therapist throughout the duration of your care.

Billing Questions

Will my insurance cover my session?

Yes. In most cases, your private insurance plan has some level of physical therapy benefits. Because all plans are different, we make every effort to verify benefits and communicate this with you. Much of it depends on your health plan and what they are willing to cover. Fortunately, many people recognize the value of physical therapy in reducing healthcare costs through injury prevention, patient education, lifestyle changes, and overall wellness.

For Medicare patients, physical therapy is covered. Your therapist will work on developing a Plan of Care that meets Medicare requirements. For Workers’ Compensation, your medical expenses are covered under the Workers’ Compensation laws in Arizona.


Can I pay cash?

No, our clinics do not accept cash or personal check. The rates for your initial evaluation and subsequent visits should be discussed with your physical therapist and the clinic director. Be aware that if you are covered under a health plan but decide to self pay, your payments will not reflect on your deductible, and you will not be able to resubmit those services later to your insurance company.