Work Injury Recovery

Despite everyone’s best efforts to prevent them, injuries on the job do occur and it takes a team approach to return the injured worker back to work safely and effectively. A Bureau of Labor Statistics report shows that workers off work for more than 6 months have only a 50% probability of returning to work. At 12 months, the probability drops to 25%. Therefore, work injury recovery must be a comprehensive, team approach.

There’s no doubt that physical and occupational therapy services play an important role for injured workers and serve as a first-line option in the management of an injured worker early following an injury on the job. PT’s and OT’s are an integral part of the healthcare team working to return the injured worker back to prior levels of function.

Early evaluation and treatment by a physical therapist, in partnership with a physician, is based upon job description data which guides treatment plans that are focused on the job’s physical demands. Lost time due to nebulous or inefficient directives and poorly defined goals is avoided this way.

At ProActive Physical Therapy, we understand the unique challenges faced due to a smaller, less healthy and aging workforce and we work to provide a continuum of services and activities to workers, employers, insurance representatives and physicians that includes rapid access to our services, regular communication with stakeholders, well-defined clinical pathways geared with one goal in mind – the safe and effective clinical management of the injured worker.

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