Work Injury Prevention

The best injury is the one prevented. Employers are continually looking for avenues to keep their workers safe and to prevent injuries. As the workforce continues to age, many employers are challenged to determine ways to keep employees from suffering a workplace injury.

Oftentimes, there is a mismatch between the work and the worker. To this point, it’s imperative to understand the physical demands of a particular position. A Physical Demands Analysis (PDA) is a systematic process that can be used to identify and quantify the physical, environmental and cognitive exposures of a position, related to both essential and non-essential functions of the job. A PDA is an essential piece of effective employer screening programs, such as post-offer employment testing, as well as return to work (RTW) programming following an injury.

A physical demands analysis (PDA) becomes the foundation by which performance based programs such as post-offer employment testing are based as the PDA serves as a guide for the development of an ADA compliant post-offer testing process. Additionally, the PDA becomes the framework for post-injury rehabilitation as it assist the rehabilitation professionals with the development of safe, functional and targeted physical therapy programs.

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