Enhance Performance

Work Performance

We believe that regular and consistent coaching and performance evaluation improves performance in sports and on the job. The goal should be to put workers in the best position to succeed initially then provide resources to them so that they can continue to perform at their highest levels.

With upwards of 50% of Americans battling one or more chronic health conditions, there is a risk associated with a mismatch between the work and the worker. This can result in poor performance and, ultimately, an on-the-job injury suffered unnecessarily due to the worker being unable to perform the essential functions of the job.

Work performance includes using the physical demands analysis (PDA) of a job in the development of an ADA compliant post-offer employment testing process. We’ve partnered with two of the largest and most popular testing platforms – WorkSteps and WorkSavers – to perform post-offer employment testing to employers in the region, searching for solutions to their injury dilemma.

In addition to ensuring a good match between work and worker, additional interventions that fall into the work performance category would include: on-site physical performance coaching, the development and implementation of strategies for employee wellness, and early intervention/triage of conditions. This is a performance model, similar to a sports-medicine model, for the workplace.


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