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We believe that successful providers serving injured workers must consider all of the stakeholders involved: the injured worker, the employer, the treating physician and the payer. As physical therapy providers, we play a crucial role in returning people to productive roles in society, no matter what that role is.

The best work injury is the one prevented and we work with employers to find solutions to keep employees safe and productive. This includes not only evaluation of the workplace, but determining whether or not the worker is a fit for the work. Unfortunately, work injuries do occur, therefore, our team of dedicated employees understand the need for immediate access to care and treatment by trained professionals that understand the job and the physical demands that the injured worker must be able to perform. We manage injured workers with one goal in mind – quick return to safe and productive work.

WorkIMPACT is a program geared towards the 3 key factors in managing injuries in the workplace – Prevention, Performance and Recovery. We’ve applied a sports medicine training room model to the workplace in order to assist our clients in reducing claim costs by preventing injury, reducing claims, and by thoughtful, comprehensive recovery programs that return injured workers back to work safely and effectively.

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A sports medicine model tailored for the industrial athlete and the challenges facing all employers in keeping their workforce healthy and productive.


Injury Prevention

The fundamental basis for all injury management starts with understanding the work, the worker and the worksite. We work to identify and correct hidden exposures before harm can be done.

  • Physical demand analysis
  • Ergonomics analysis

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Enhance Performance

Regular and consistent coaching improves performance in sports and at work. Putting workers in the best position to perform the position safely and to coach performance should the worker or supervisor have concerns or questions about movement patterns, postures and strategies to reduce worker fatigue/stress.

  • Physical performance coaching
  • Employment screening (post offer testing)
  • Early intervention and triage
  • Wellness programs

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Return to Work

Injuries do occur, no matter how much effort is put towards prevention. Injury rehabilitation, in partnership with a physician, is tailored to the specific job’s physical demands. Progressive advancement towards well-defined, functional goals engages the worker and reduces lost time.

  • Goal directed, functional physical or occupational therapy
  • Safe and effective return to work
  • Physical demand capacity evaluations

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Innovative Solutions for Employers

Promoting a proactive approach to managing your workforce, WorkIMPACT can assess your specific needs and apply a segmented approach towards corrective action.

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