Direct Access in Arizona

Begin Your Recovery Today

At ProActive Physical Therapy, we believe that rapid access to our services is an important factor in efficient healthcare delivery. With direct access in Arizona, you are able to seek physical therapy services without a prescription from your physician or healthcare professional. House Bill 1229 was passed into law in 2003, stating that patients no longer needed a referral from a physician to obtain licensed physical therapy services.

The implications of this law mean that physical therapists have become part of the front line management for patients’ suffering from musculoskeletal pain or injury. As physical therapists, we’re experts in movement and movement dysfunction, evaluating not only the injury/pain, but the underlying conditions and contributing factors. Many conditions can be addressed, evaluated and quickly treated without expensive on-going testing or surgery. However, should your injury or condition be outside of our scope of practice, we can refer you for further evaluation with one of the many physicians and medical providers across Tucson that we’re connected with.

If you’ve recently been injured or are suffering from a nagging ache or pain that won’t go away, contact us today so you can meet one-on-one with one of our physical therapists.

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