Ways to Stay Healthy at Work This Fall

5 Ways to stay healthy at work this fall from ProActive Physical Therapy

For many of us, we spend our days behind a computer screen or hunched over our phones—often not even taking a break to eat lunch. Today, we’re hoping to inspire you with 5 ways to stay healthy at work this fall. Read on to learn how these small shifts can make a big difference on your daily health.


Help Your Immune System

One of the most germ-ridden items on your desk is your keyboard. When is the last time you disinfected yours? Especially coming into fall and flu season, it’s important to make sure you’re properly disinfecting your keyboard and other desk items, door knobs, etc. that you (or your co-workers) touch every day.

Keep some items like non-caffeine tea bags, emergen-c and even essential oils in your desk drawer to help you ward off a potential cold.


Get Up from Your Desk

Try to buddy up with a co-worker to go on 2 10 minute walks throughout the day. Now that the weather is finally starting to cool down, it can be the perfect way to break away from your screen and stay healthy at work this fall.


Monitor Your Water Intake

Hydration is key in staying healthy at work this fall. If you’re not a big water drinker, try adding fresh lemon or lime to your water for an extra kick. An indicator if you’re not getting enough water is if you hit that afternoon slump. You can also download apps to help remind or track your water intake.


Pack Your Lunch

Instead of slipping into the takeout line everyday—or even skipping lunch altogether—try making your lunches for the rest of the month.


Lean on Technology

If you’re not one to stay motivated, use wearable technology to help you. An Apple Watch allows you to set move goals, exercise goals, and stand goals – and even sends reminders throughout the day to help you stay active.


We hope you found these 5 ways to stay health at work this fall helpful! Share with us on social media how you’re staying healthy. And if you’re feeling aches and pains at work that simply won’t go away, schedule a FREE injury assessment at ProActive Physical Therapy.