Sports Medicine

What is Sports Medicine?

For years, ProActive Physical Therapy has been on the forefront of managing injured athletes—whether competitive or recreational across a multitude of teams and individual sports. The term sports medicine refers to the multi-disciplinary approach to managing athletic performance and athletic injuries. The sports medicine team includes physicians, physical therapists, athletic trainers, and athletic performance coaches to name a few.

The ProActive approach:

At ProActive, we work closely with the sports medicine team to provide early, convenient access to care through on-site and in-clinic injury screenings with a physical therapist. Through Direct Access in the State of Arizona, injured athletes can seek our opinion as a quick, cost-effective and convenient entry into the sports medicine system. Our highly trained therapists will work with each injured athlete individually to determine the best next steps, including a referral to the appropriate medical provider should the injury require additional evaluation.

Following injury or surgery, your sports therapy should be tailored specifically to returning you to your prior level of performance. Our physical therapists will work closely with your physician to outline a treatment plan that returns you to the highest level of performance safely and effectively.

Sports Medicine FAQs

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