Residency Program

Program Overview

ProActive Physical Therapy has an orthopedic residency program administered by our physical therapy partners Foothills Sports Medicine Physical Therapy in Phoenix, Arizona.

The program was designed to help residents implement evidence-informed practice and skills in the assessment and treatment of orthopedic conditions. The program runs annually, starting in September, with 12-month and 18-month tracks.

During the residency program, you are provided didactic education, skills sessions, and mentoring from expert clinicians throughout Phoenix and Tucson. For more information on our physical therapy residency, and application process, please visit Foothills Residency Program.

Physical Therapist helping someone do a squat while being assisted with an elastic band

Applicant qualifications:

  • Graduation from a CAPTE accredited physical therapy program
  • Possession or application for Arizona Physical Therapy License (candidates from entry-level physical therapy programs may apply for a temporary licensure to allow you to practice under the supervision of a certified physical therapist while they await the passing of the licensure examination).
  • Meet all eligibility requirements for employment as a physical therapist with ProActive Physical Therapy
  • Demonstrate that they are eligible for membership within the APTA
  • No transfer credits will be accepted for completion of the programs clinical and didactic training requirements

Application and selection process A centralized application system (RF-PTCAS) is required for applicants to apply to our program.

Selection of applicants:

A selection committee composed of the clinic owner, program director, clinic owners, and members of the program faculty will determine overall selection. Applications will be accepted up until February 1st of each successive year. As part of the interview process, applicants would be required to participate in a simulated case review with program faculty for assessment of the candidates clinical reasoning and communication skills as well to serve as a measure of initial level of competence. Successful candidates will be notified by April 1st with the start date being the first full week of September for each representative year.

Meet the Staff

Ted Carter

Ted Carter

Program Director


Jason Sweet

Jason Sweet

Scott Jackson

Scott Jackson

PT, DPT, Cert DN, Cert SMT
Green Valley