6 Safe Cycling Tips for National Bike Month

May 16, 2017

ProActive Physical Therapy

by ProActive Physical Therapy

May is National Bike Month, making it the perfect time of year to explore the city of Tucson by way of bike. Whether you’re new to biking or an avid commuter, these bike safety tips from physical therapist, Dennis Driscoll, are a great reminder before you gear up for your bike ride.

Tip #1: Make sure your bike fits you. On a road bike, there should be one to two inches of clearance between your groin and the top tube. On a mountain bike, the clearance should be at least two inches. Your handlebars should be one inch lower than your seat top.

Tip #2: Position the seat height so that your knee is only slightly bent at the bottom of each rotation, and make sure the seat is level.

Tip #3: If you are just starting out, start slowly with 30 minutes a day on a flat terrain for the first 3-4 weeks. Gradually you will be able to increase the intensity and terrain to get in a good workout.

Tip #4: Vary your hand and body position frequently. Keep your arms relaxed and don’t lock your elbows to better help absorb bumps.

Tip #5: Don’t ride with headphones in. If you commute to work, it’s best to keep your favorite podcast or music to listen to upon your arrival, as you’ll want to be able to hear traffic, pedestrians and your surroundings.

Tip #6: And remember, always use good road/traffic sense. Avoid riding at night as most bike accidents occur between 6 and 9 PM.

For more tips and bicycling advice, contact your local ProActive Physical Therapy clinic. We’re here to help you prevent injury so you can enjoy the Tucson bike trails not just during National Bike Month, but throughout the entire year.

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