The Connection Between Knee Pain and Hip Weakness

Feb 3, 2022

ProActive Physical Therapy

by ProActive Physical Therapy

Since childhood, we have learned that all the bones in the body are connected, and research demonstrates that weakness in one area can cause injury in another. At ProActive Physical Therapy, we possess the expertise to identify the precise problem causing chronic knee pain and provide effective solutions. Here’s what we understand about the relationship between knee pain and the hips and how our services can assist you.

Interconnected Bones

Knee pain is one of the most common injuries and is common across all ages. A study of over 2,000 runners showed that 17% of their injuries were related to knee pain. Insidious knee pain, which starts without an apparent reason, is more common in women (62% of cases) than men (38% of cases). There have been several theories proposed as to why this is the case. One theory is that women have a deficit, or lack of, hip muscle strength. According to many scientific journals, there is a strong correlation between patellofemoral (front of the knee) pain and hip weakness in external rotation, abduction, and extension.

Knee pain often stems from hip weakness due to the interconnectedness of the knee and hip bones. Weak hips rotate the femur internally, causing the knees to turn inward rather than face forward when standing. This misalignment reduces thigh-knee contact, affecting knee movement and potentially causing overuse injuries. The stability and control of the femur rely on the muscles in the hip and knee, and hip muscle weakness directly impacts knee motion.

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How Can Physical Therapy Help?

Given these complicated interactions in the body, how can physical therapy help? Our physical therapists are experts in biomechanics – the way the body moves. This means we can identify your injury and trace it back to its trustworthy source. We address knee pain issues and design personalized exercise programs for recovery and an active lifestyle. Our specialized care helps develop new habits, reduces pain recurrence, and ensures correct exercise techniques for independent home practice. Our priority is not only to help you get better but to help you remain pain-free far into the future.

ProActive is a leading physical therapy provider in Tucson, serving patients with various injuries and musculoskeletal pain. Our commitment to hands-on, individualized therapy allows us to help you achieve your specific goals. To schedule a free consultation with one of our therapists, go online today!

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