Do You Sit All Day at Work?

Aug 25, 2022

ProActive Physical Therapy

by ProActive Physical Therapy

If your 9-5 consists of sitting at a desk throughout the day, it’s especially important to add movement throughout your workday. People who spend much of their day sitting are at a higher risk of developing serious conditions such as obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease. Many of these individuals may also risk suffering from repetitive use injuries. It’s important to stay as active as possible, here are five tips to add activity to your day to help combat sitting.

Tip #1: Park further away.

Rather than pulling into a convenient parking spot, take some extra steps by parking further away. It’s a small habit that can lead to healthier habits throughout your workday.

Tip #2: Drink lots of water.

The more water the drink, the more often you’ll have to fill your water bottle. This will naturally help you get up from your desk throughout the day.

Woman drinking water in while working.

Tip #3: Start a work walking group.

Carve out time during your lunch break to do a 15-minute walk. Instead of going on your own, invite your fellow co-workers. And if you have a Fitbit, you can motivate (yourself) and your co-workers with a fun contest on who gets the most steps in each workweek.

Coworkers walking during break.

Tip #4: Stretch it out.  

Besides getting up from your desk to take a walk, it’s also important to sprinkle in stretching throughout your workday. Try stretching your shoulders regularly to relax tense muscles and to help prevent hunched desk posture.

Tip #5: Standing Desk.

And if you’re looking for a way to shake up your routine at work, try a standing desk. Many options now can adjust from sitting to standing—so you can easily switch back and forth throughout the day.

Woman working in standing desk.

We hope these suggestions for adding activity to your workday are helpful. And, as always, we’re here if you need us. With locations throughout Tucson, there’s a ProActive Physical Therapy where you work, live, or play.

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