The Benefits of Playing in an Adult Softball League

Mar 18, 2019

ProActive Physical Therapy

by ProActive Physical Therapy

Softball leagues promote fitness and community among players. Softball is a popular sport for good reason: it’s an active team sport with a low risk of injury.

Like in baseball, the pitcher is more prone to injury — like shoulder pain— than position players in softball. But the sport is considered one of the safest sports to participate in

Why You Should Join an Adult Softball League

The perks of joining a team are endless. First, there are the obvious reasons. Like any other sport, softball players generally have less stress and feel better about themselves than those that don’t.

Second, it’s easy to jump in. The rules are similar to baseball. The only thing players really need to succeed is a positive attitude, some protective gear, and a good pair of sports shoes.

There is also the active component of the sport. An average softball player burns around 300 calories per hour of play. The sport also provides total body conditioning. When you run, throw, and swing you are using multiple muscles.

Softball also promotes community, which is often a rare thing to find. Adult life can be hard for many people. Between family and work, it can sometimes feel impossible to find time to make and build new friendships. Members of softball teams not only learn to trust and rely upon each other in the field, they often form lasting friendships outside of it. The perks of being included in a team include an increase in happiness, self-esteem, and mental function.

Plus, if joining your company’s league doesn’t sound appealing at first, listen to this: participating in your office’s softball league can help you perform better professionally than those who do not.

Finding a Team

With the popularity of the sport, softball leagues are easy to find. No matter which city you’re in, there’s a league out there waiting for you.

Since the community is such a big part of softball, teams are always glad to take on a new member, trade reviews of which sports shoes work best, or offer advice for anyone who may be experiencing the start of back or shoulder pain from improper techniques.

So, how do you find a team to join?

Thanks to the Internet, surveying all your options is easier than ever. In most cases, you can even email or send a Facebook message to the team manager to get a better feel of the group before making a commitment.

Search for an established team in your area through one of these websites:

Of course, if your first pick doesn’t work out, you have plenty of other teams to apply for during try-outs. Or you could even start one of your own. Grab your friends or your co-workers and put together your own team. Just be sure to check with your local county’s rules and regulations. (Here is Tucson’s for reference).

Have you made the switch from baseball to softball? If you’re still struggling with shoulder pain or foot pain from the wrong sports shoes request an appointment with us. Our team of licensed physical therapists will help you to enjoy the sport pain-free.

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