Celebrating National Hand Therapy Week in Tucson

Tucson Certified Hand Therapists - National Hand Therapy Week

It’s National Hand Therapy Week, making it the perfect time to highlight our Tucson hand therapy team! We’re very proud of our certified hand therapists, as they are experts in the evaluation and treatment of complex upper extremity injuries and conditions. Read on to get to know our hand therapists.

Meet Mike Lee, PT, DPT, CHT, and clinic director at the ProActive Physical Therapy North clinic. His favorite part of being a hand therapist is helping patients to achieve their goals; big, small and everything in-between. Our satisfaction comes from our patients’ satisfaction.

Janelle Borg, PT, DPT splits time between the North and Central clinics. Her favorite part of her job is the ability to help patients overcome something that has dramatically impacted their everyday life is extremely rewarding. She enjoys learning and challenging herself to be a better therapist every day to help patients achieve maximal function.

Next up is Rachel Locke. She works out of the ProActive Physical Therapy North clinic and holds the credentials of OTR/L, C/NDT. When asked what her favorite part of being a hand therapist was, she answered, seeing patient’s expression when they are able to do something with their arm/hand again that the injury or disability took away from them.

Alicia Allie, PT, DPT, CHT works out of two clinics—Central and East.  She loves that everyday she is challenged to learn something new in order to help someone regain their hand function. Building relationships with patients and then seeing them reach their goals is such an amazing feeling.

Cyndi Valdez, PTA splits time at three clinics—North, Central and East. She loves being a hand therapist because she has the ability to help patients reach their goals and to see their reaction when they achieve the simple things and return to their normal life. She loves the challenge as no one person is the same. Along with treating her patients, she gets to build relationships with them, which helps them feel confident and more at ease.

Last up is Sarah Scheda, OTD. She also splits her time between two clinics—North and Central. When we asked about her favorite part of being a hand therapist, she mentioned that working closely with clients to help them reach their goals big and small is why she does what she does. Anything from being able to take the cap off their tooth paste, to being able to write or being able to play guitar again. It’s awesome when the patients come back and can list different milestones of their everyday life that has improved from hand therapy.

It’s easy to see that our hand therapists are passionate about their job and their patients. If you’re interested in learning more about hand therapy in Tucson, visit our website to learn more.