Three Reasons to Love Physical Therapy

Three Reasons to Love Physical Therapy from ProActive Physical Therapy in Tucson AZ

With February 14th quickly approaching, it’s the perfect opportunity to celebrate the physical therapy profession. Today, we’re sharing three reasons to love physical therapy. Whether you’re new to physical therapy or you’re about to finish up your time at ProActive Physical Therapy, we’re sure you can relate to these top choices.

Helping the Tucson Community Get Back to Pain Free Living.

Our main goal is to ensure the Tucson community is getting back to their favorite activities—pain free. Through one-on-one physical therapy evaluations, a unique treatment plan, and lots of motivation along the way, our team at ProActive Physical Therapy guides our patients through their recovery.

Direct Access.

Arizona is one of the states that allows patients to see their physical therapists for evaluations, without having to visit their primary care doctor beforehand. At ProActive Physical Therapy, we do our best to get all our patients scheduled promptly, so you don’t have to wait an unnecessarily long time to see a PT. After all, the sooner an injury or ailment is addressed, the better.

Injury Prevention.

Physical therapy isn’t just for when you’re injured—it can also be a great tool to use for injury prevention. Whether we’re working with athletes, weekend warriors or avid hikers, our goal is to empower our patients towards improving overall health and wellness.

We could go on and on about the reasons we love physical therapy, but we’ll leave you with these three. If you’re interested in a FREE Injury Assessment or needing to book a physical therapy appointment at one of our Tucson locations, you can do so online. Here’s to an extra sweet and pain free Valentine’s Day!