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Are You Getting Enough Sleep During Physical Therapy Recovery?

ProActive Physical Therapy
August 28, 2018

Many of our patients do their part during physical therapy—whether it be showing up for their in-c...

Hydration Station for Youth Athletes

Chris Murphy
August 22, 2018

With sports practices gearing up, it can lead to many youth athletes becoming dehydrated. Chris Murp...

The Injured Musician – Why Should I Consider Seeing a Hand Therapist?

Janelle Borg
August 13, 2018

The musician is a unique type of athlete; we constantly push our bodies to do repetitive motions tha...

Three Snack Ideas to Help You Power Through Physical Therapy

ProActive Physical Therapy
August 9, 2018

At ProActive Physical Therapy, we understand that many of our patients are squeezing PT into their d...

Back to School Tips for Tucson Students

ProActive Physical Therapy
August 1, 2018

Summer is nearing an end, which means Tucson students will be headed back to school. To help student...

Do You Sit All Day at Work?

ProActive Physical Therapy
July 25, 2018

If your 9-5 consists of sitting at a desk throughout the day, it’s especially important to add mov...